Our History and Management Team

Founded in 1996 as a billing service company, Meridian Medical Management has evolved through various corporate transitions to become an organization highly focused on operational excellence and leading technologies.

In 2013, the Gores Group acquired Meridian Medical Management and reengineered its processes and operational perspective. Building on proven strengths, Meridian Medical Management has transitioned to an organization that promotes unrivaled transparency and pragmatic decision making as its core tenets. With its commitment to execution, collaboration, accountability, and actionable insights, M3 delivers process optimization and the resulting financial efficiencies in a way that no other organization does.

Through our rich history and the deep domain expertise of our staff, we know the challenges growing organizations face first-hand and are able to help our clients improve their financial outlook and successfully manage their rapidly changing reimbursement environment.

M3’s Management Team

Rob Gontarek
President and CEO

With more than two decades of experience in healthcare and revenue cycle management, Rob directs M3’s long-term growth, service, and financial strategies.

Entering the industry directly out of college, Rob worked his way up, gaining hands-on experience in billing, sales, installation, price management, and technology. This unique path, including being a client of a billing company, has provided him with the visionary outlook necessary to understand the marketplace and how to best position M3 to champion client relationships and a path to financial stability and long-term success.

Prior to joining M3, Rob held executive positions with Diagnostic Health Corporation and Medical Management Professionals.

Karen Simonenko
Vice President, Operations

Karen leads M3’s operations. As head of the operations group, she oversees the revenue cycle processes, quality control and client services. Karen focuses on clients, understanding their unique needs and providing solutions that drive outcomes.

With more than 20 years of Health IT experience, Karen has held senior management positions with IDX Systems Corporation and GE Healthcare. She is an expert in computer science and programming, large scale IT deployment, national quality improvements, and product development. Through her deep understanding of market nuances and the pressures facing clients, Karen is a leader in the sourcing business and will continue to drive M3’s services to clients.


The M3 Support Team

Our team is made up of individuals with a wide range of experiences and various healthcare backgrounds. With focused strengths in billing operations, client and project management, analytics, application expertise, and clinical knowledge, our team is well-positioned to help you achieve your goals and attain higher outcomes.

Get To Know Meridian Medical Management

As a value-added partner, M3 prospers when our clients prosper. We grow when our clients grow. We excel when our clients excel. Through a history steeped in dedication to execution, a culture of excellence based on empirical quality measures and expert professionals, we demonstrate our standing in a progressing market and our commitment to clients’ long term successes.