Medical Record Upload

The number of requests from insurers for patients’ medical records has increased dramatically in the past few years. For payment of many health care claims, plans may need clinical information from the patient’s medical history or other supplemental documentation to validate the bill for services performed is consistent with policies. Supplying these records to payers is a manual process, with the vast majority still being sent via costly and time-consuming methods. In fact, medical providers incur over 89% of the costs associated with manually processing medical record attachments. 

Our Medical Record Upload Microbot automatically uploads patient medical records from the EHR system to payers to substantiate claim payment, freeing your staff from sending them using costly and time-consuming methods. 

Microbot Features:

• Obtains medical record from Electronic Health Record System and sends to payers automatically upon request

• Notes action in Practice Management System

Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming healthcare revenue cycle management, bringing it to the next, more efficient, level. Meridian's RPA solution, Microbots, are digital assistants that replace mundane, repetitive processes, allowing organizations scalability and increased production in a HIPAA compliant environment. Contact us to learn more.