Transcription: Inscribe 5

While the cost of practicing medicine continues to escalate, Meridian is constantly innovating to develop solutions to improve the financial health of your organization. Our secure, web-based transcription service will provide a cost savings of up to 40% and will optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

Inscribe 5 is fully automated, with powerful data mining capabilities, and can be customized to meet the needs of any healthcare organization, large or small, who is looking to place transcription into their healthcare organization’s medical templates.

You can depend on Inscribe 5 to provide the premium service you expect from Meridian, proven software and services, exceptional customer service and solutions designed to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.


  • Automation

    Transcriptions & notes can be forwarded automatically, according to dictated instructions

  • Easy Integration

    Easily integrates with EHR software & automatically populates into the EHR

  • Accessibility

    Easy-to-use web interface is available 24/7 & can be accessed online on any web browser

  • Customization

    Time & money saving templates allow you to customize, based on your specific operations

  • Redundancy

    Off-site storage & replication of our data center ensures full access to transcriptions

Timely, accurate visit documentation enables you to invoice sooner, positively impacting your bottom line.


Inscribe 5 provides the highest level of security to ensure HIPAA compliance. Enjoy the efficiency and convenience of easy, anytime access to all your dictations and transcriptions online and from any browser. Our use of the latest technology enables automation of processes leading to significant cost savings and increased productivity for your organization.


At Meridian, an unyielding commitment to customer service has always been at the core of our business culture. And so, we have instituted a 24/7 Inscribe 5 customer support line for your convenience, ensuring timely responses to all your transcription inquiries.

Call us today to learn more at 855-499-9333 or email