Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue cycle management is a holistic approach to the medical billing process. Meridian provides medical billing on a variety of platforms inclusive of GE Centricity®, NextGen EPM, Allscripts, VertexDr, and e-Clinical Works.

For our academic medical center clients, we will operate on the Epic platform through the single business office (SBO) or the GE Centricity® Business Product.

The use of analytics and robotics is common through all platforms, and we process in excess of $5 billion in revenue for medical practices.

The Revenue Acceleration Program (RAP) is the reason you choose Meridian. RAP provides the insight to drive incremental revenue into healthcare organizations. While cost is a factor for services, the real goal is to increase medical group revenue. Medical groups can experience 5% to 10% growth in their revenue, which has a direct impact on physician income.

Meridian’s team of medical accounts receivable professionals have also developed robotic process automation that allows for continuous work of the accounts receivable. Instead of solely being a reliable, time-zone specific work force, the robotics process works continuously in the background.

At Meridian, we are able to identify patient trends through the Revenue Acceleration Program based on socio-economic factors. We are then able to customize the patient collection process based on those findings. Whether it is on-site through Meridian personnel, point of service collections technology, or our patient call center, Meridian’s focus is to create a positive patient experience while still collecting patient payments.

Centricity is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.