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Do you know what manual processes are costing your organization?

Robotic Process Automation using Meridian's Microbots streamlines claim status and eligibility processes, helping to improve your bottom line.

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Robotic Automation Streamlines Claim Status and Denial Management

Microbots support healthcare facilities by applying automation to many labor-intensive, costly and error-prone activities within Revenue Cycle Management

What are manual processes costing you?


on average per manual claim status check 1


on average per manual eligibility check 3


average cost to providers for each claim checked 2


average cost to providers for each eligibility check

Top Benefits
of Microbots within RCM

1 Maximizing revenue
2 Reducing costs and increasing productivity
3 Improving data quality and processing speed

ROI A Meridian revenue cycle management facility has shown significant cost and time reductions since implementing Microbots4


reduction in costs or claims follow-up


reduction in aged accounts receivable from inventory


reduction in time to follow-up


average Microbot processing per claim status and eligibility check
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1, 2, 3 2019 CAQH Index
4 Results from 2018