Origin Healthcare Solutions

For over 25 years, Origin Healthcare Solutions has been the most trusted and dedicated pain management and anesthesia medical billing provider throughout the nation.

Origin Healthcare Solutions has perfected the revenue cycle acceleration for anesthesiologists and pain management providers. Our experience and dedication to the nuances of pain management and anesthesia medical billing make us the preferred partner within the industry. As the leading anesthesia and pain management-dedicated revenue cycle acceleration company, we are able to provide our clients customizable and efficient business solutions that are designed to increase revenue, generate cash flow, and maximize organization throughout their practice.

Anesthesia Medical Billing

As a leading anesthesia billing company provides services to physician offices and hospitals with both small and large practices. In many cases, coding and billing practices for anesthesia and pain management services can be quite complicated and perplexing; however, it is with our seasoned team of experts and our top-of-the-line billing software that Origin Healthcare Solutions is able to handle anesthesia medical billing with ease and accuracy. With our anesthesia medical billing services, our customers can have complete confidence in acquiring the finest billing results while receiving personalized services from our client-dedicated experts. When you partner with Origin Healthcare Solutions, we make it our job to solve all of your staffing, technology, and management by dedicating our resources to the various pain management and anesthesia disciplines. As a high-priority anesthesia billing company, we provide clients with full transparency throughout every stage of our revenue cycle management, analytics, reporting, and billing processes. With Origin Healthcare Solutions’, you can rest assured that your revenue, business efficiency, and even take-home pay will greatly improve.

Origin Healthcare Solutions is more than just a pain management and anesthesia billing company, our team of professionals becomes an adjunct to your healthcare practice due to our sheer dedication to your success.  

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