Meridian Medical Management Launches Robotic Process Automation

By: Bill Stone

Meridian Medical Management has announced a major initiative in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as part of its Revenue Acceleration Program (RAP). Key medical billing processes have been developed that are transforming work force efficiency and production for both short term and long term gains.


For recent Meridian medical billing customers, RPA has identified thousands of patients who are eligible for healthcare coverage. This finding alone has driven a significant increase in patient satisfaction and positive client financial results.

The goal of Meridian’s Revenue Acceleration Program (RAP) is to deliver revenue growth for each patient encounter. Today, many of Meridian’s clients are experiencing a 2% to 10% growth in their collectable revenue.

RPA has also recently proven itself to be an effective tool for advancing multiple areas of the medical billing and revenue cycle acceleration system by reducing labor intensive tasks and optimizing productivity. Meridian’s RPA initiative will continue to develop and cover every facet of the revenue cycle process. It will ultimately create an efficiently honed workforce that works to accelerate client revenue. Instead of eight to ten hour days, production will move to a constant 24 X 7.

Moreover, these processes will be system agnostic and can be applied to all major practice management platforms. To learn more about Meridian Medical Management and our Robotic Process Automation initiative, contact our revenue cycle management Sales Team at 855-499-9333 or email us at