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Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics and Spine Specialists, PC • Connecticut

Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics and Spine Specialists (NOSS) was formed in 2008 from the fusion of specialty medical practices that shared a deep commitment to patient outcomes. NOSS is the only complete musculoskeletal practice in the southern and western regions of CT. The practice uses cutting edge technology. The practice continues to expand their multi-disciplinary practice within their clinical areas of focus and across the region with offices in Waterbury, Cheshire, Shelton, Southbury and Torrington. NOSS physicians are board-certified in their area of specialty — neurosurgery, orthopedics including hand and shoulder surgery, sports medicine, pain management, and physiatry — signifying their exceptional expertise and skill in their discipline. NOSS’ providers are affiliated with several hospitals and ambulatory/outpatient surgical centers and ACOs across the southern and western areas of the state of CT.

Integrating technology and process to drive improved cash cycles

Eight years ago, NOSS decided to outsource the growing practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM). A multi-specialty group of this size required expanded abilities to manage a complex revenue cycle. After evaluating vendors, they chose Meridian due to the company’s extensive knowledge of the revenue cycle business and proven track record in orthopedic and neurosurgery billing.

In addition to using Meridian’s RCM services, NOSS also uses VertexDr, Meridian’s practice management software, and PrecisionBI, Meridian’s healthcare business analytics solution. Meridian’s comprehensive platform has helped NOSS accelerate reimbursements, streamline workflows, and improve internal efficiencies at both NOSS and Meridian.

Insight + Automation = Innovation

Meridian’s experienced team, business intelligence tools and technology solutions enabled them to monitor key business and clinical metrics and help NOSS identify areas for improvement, resulting in achieving measurable results. Reducing their claim denial rate was one area of focus for NOSS. Meridian’s ongoing analysis of denial volumes and trends provided the practice with the insight needed to assess cause and make organizational changes to reduce denials.

Meridian’s ongoing analysis of denial volumes and trends provided the practice with the insight needed to assess cause and make organizational changes that might be impacting denials.

"A daily collaboration and broadened workforce between NOSS and Meridian as well as Meridian's rapid response and root cause identification to denials are very important to the practice. It allows us to make changes and implement processes to reduce denials and expedite and increase cash flow,” said William Godburn, executive director and chief operating officer, NOSS.

Collaborative Approach Improves Practice Performance

Meridian works in partnership with its customers to deliver technology and superior billing knowledge to enhance a practice’s clinical and financial health. Meridian’s solutions and services have helped guide NOSS towards improved operational and financial efficiencies. NOSS is better able to understand its business and has been able to identify issues and address them. One metric of importance to NOSS is the filing time for workers’ compensation claims. Meridian implemented a robotics process to aid in the electronic claim submission process which resulted in improved turnaround time for payment in addition to automated confirmation of the claim receipt. On average, electronic submissions are paid five days sooner than mailed claims.

“We continue to work with Meridian because of their extensive knowledge of the business and their ability to increase our overall workforce which adds to an overall value to our practice. Due to the collaborative nature of our working relationship, we consider Meridian to be an extension of our practice,” said William Godburn.

Let our experience work for you. With flexible RCM solutions backed by leading-edge analytics, Meridian partners with healthcare providers to empower them with actionable business insights from data they can see, trust, access, and interact with independently. Ultimately this benefits the provider by uncovering hidden business opportunities and optimizing their long-term performance.

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