Robotic Process Automation

Revenues collected are the lifeblood of any healthcare organization, and the efficiency of how they are processed dictates its ability to grow. With each claim, there is room for human error and data-driven manual processes that are ripe for change.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming revenue cycle management, bringing it to the next, more efficient, level. RPA is an industry term for software tools that help automate routine tasks to make them more reliable and efficient. Meridian's RPA solution, Microbots, are digital assistants that replace mundane, repetitive processes, allowing organizations scalability and increased production in a HIPAA compliant environment.

  • We’ve developed Microbots that apply automation to labor-intensive, costly, and error-prone activities within revenue cycle management.

  • Our robotic automation solution streamlines claim status and denial management, is easy to implement, and plugs into your top payers with little effort.

  • The result is a revenue cycle that operates at cloud computing speed instead of human speed, freeing your staff to devote more time to crucial knowledge-based work.

We’ve put together a one-minute video that shows you how they work.

Microbots can help empower your organization by:

  • Improving processing speed and accuracy
  • Working 24x7 to increase efficiency
  • Freeing staff to focus on value-added work

Contact Meridian Medical Management’s team of experts to learn more about how our Microbots can improve your revenue cycle. With over two decades of experience, we have combined our operational and technical expertise to create digital assistants that work.