Self-Pay Eligibility

Despite efforts of the front desk, ER kiosk, and other patient-facing staff, it can be challenging to determine if a patient is, in fact, self-pay. Our Self-pay Eligibility Microbot helps locate eligible insurance and automatically returns it to your Practice Management System.

Microbot Features:

• Locates eligible insurance for patients previously noted as self-pay with an unpaid statement

• Returns insurance information to Practice Management System and submits claim

Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming healthcare revenue cycle management, bringing it to the next, more efficient, level. Meridian's RPA solution, Microbots, are digital assistants that replace mundane, repetitive processes, allowing organizations scalability and increased production in a HIPAA compliant environment. Our digital assistants automate labor-intensive, costly, and error-prone revenue cycle management activities. Contact us to learn more.